Why it’s okay not to like Christmas

I like Christmas, I don’t love it.  Since social media has existed I’ve liked it a lot less; constant social media posts to remind us about others who are not able to enjoy Christmas. Even TV adverts conspire against you if you’re a Christmas fan – you get a nice festive ‘buy this wonderful (overpriced) gift’ advert followed by a ‘donate to people less fortunate’ advert.

It’s a bit of a rollercoaster of emotions isn’t it? How are you meant to sustain a love of Christmas with all that going on?

I feel like as much as Christmas is a time of joy it’s like we are also constantly reminded how shit it is too!

I was spoilt in my adolescence as I lived in a pub so the festivities were always a fun time despite my parents working 24/7 – it was all part of it. I knew some people felt sad at Xmas and that made me sad but I didn’t feel like it ever affected my own Christmas cheer. Now I do.

A few people have asked me if I’m feeling festive and I’m not really (can you tell?;))  I’ve not even put a tree up yet.

I actually look forward to January, a fresh start, new beginnings and no pressure to be festive or jolly. We can all be as miserable as we like in January! Haha

Anyway, it’s okay not to like Christmas and it’s okay to love it. I think that’s what I’m trying to say.   No one should feel the pressure and maybe if anything it can just be the one day of the year we attempt to turn off the media and gather our thoughts and feelings all by ourselves.



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