Hello November 

Since I was little I’ve always loved autumn, because I used to love going back to school in September; after a long summer I was always keen to get back to see my friends and also to embrace other things that autumn brought; crunching the leaves all the way to school, collecting conkers, getting new stationery for the new term, warm snuggly clothes and cosy nights in.I don’t have school to go back to now (obviously) and September these days is still considered summer so I really get excited about autumn on the 1st November. When I was 15 my friend and I always used to leave each other notes on the 1st November – just saying Happy November, we both had a mutual love for the month; the smell in the air, the drastic change of season and it always seemed that nice things happened. 

We don’t send each other notes anymore but now even 25 years later, on the 1st November we still text ‘Happy November’, it’s become tradition! I met my boyfriend in November 2000; we were just good friends then but in November 2013 we got back in touch and eventually ended up together, so November is even more significant for me now. My first solo trip to Dubai visiting family took place in the month of November (liberating moment for me) and a holiday of a lifetime visiting my brother in Australia 5 years ago too, so even more lovely memories made this time of year. 

As I write this I’ve just received a notecard online – it’s from my November friend wishing me Happy November. Perfect timing and it made me smile, a funny tradition but a lovely one and starts the month with the happiest of intentions. November gets the best PR from me, so it always has a lot to live up to. 

After the craziness of the last few months and relishing the calm before the Xmas mayhem, I’m more than ready for the comfort of November…..


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