Goodnight Sweetheart

My favourite TV programme of the 90’s, Goodnight Sweetheart was back for a one off special last night and I’m left wanting more! 

The BBC sit comedy that you either loved or hated starred Nicholas Lyndhurst as loveable time traveller Gary Sparrow and a fantastic cast of memorable characters. 

I’ve always been obsessed with time travel shows or films – starting with Back to the Future and more recently Sky’s 11.23.63 with James Franco as the time traveller trying to prevent the assassination of JFK.  So you can only imagine my excitement when a series like Goodnight Sweetheart appeared on our screens back in the 90s.

The one off episode shows Gary returning to the present after 17 years in the past – which has moved on from the 40s to the swinging 60s.

In last night’s episode of Goodnight Sweetheart it was great to see favourite characters like Ron and PC Deadman unchanged and it was a nice touch to keep it exactly like it always was without updating it in any way. 

I hope the BBC make a new series now, where we see Gary get to know the daughter he never knew of.  In the meantime I will be digging out my old box set of the series like the Goodnight Sweetheart geek that I am ;) 

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