Legs, Bums & Michael Jackson!

I went back to the gym today after 4 months, and not only that but I also joined a sparkling new gym. 

I used to be a member of the local leisure centre where they ran a full range of classes that I loved and as you will read in this previous post, I was really anti classes before! 

This gym is closer so no excuses not to go plus I needed a change. I had been doing the same classes and seeing the same faces on the same certain days; I’d lost my enthusiasm for it. It also took two hours out of my day to get there and back and do the class – yawn. 

So today was refreshing – such a helpful bunch and even the free personal training session that came with the membership was enjoyable. I decide to join the Legs, Bums and Tums class – which was like torture for about 45 mins.     

Luckily the instructor had made her own playlist which I thoroughly enjoyed – I’ve been used to the same tracks on the polished Les Mills routines at the last gym so free styling seemed a bit more relaxed. You can’t beat a bit of Little Mix whilst having a good squat!!

I think the highlight of the class was the cool down;  I was slightly perplexed when I heard children’s voices from the speakers as I lay down on the mat for a well deserved stretch – but then it took me 10 seconds to realise the instructor had actually chosen to end her class with Michael Jackson – Heal the World. I wasn’t sure whether I was horrified or delighted – either way I was highly amused and left the class giggling. Which let me tell you was a bonus after what my legs had just been put through. 

My best friend has recently indulged in fitness classes – she used to recoil at the thought of any sort of group activity but she’s been turned, one Zumba class and she was hooked.  Now she’s excited to go every week and has even got involved in Spin classes; I’ve known her for 29 years and I’ve never even seen her on a bike so it’s a drastic turn of events!

It’s good to take a risk and make a change sometimes even if you feel silly/scared or like me stuck in a fitness rut and not feeling particularly interested. 

I’m signing up to Fit Box next – I’m not sure if it’s as traumatic as it sounds but I’m determined to give them all ago. I don’t think I’m quite ready for Zumba yet though – not even Patrick Swayze could’ve given me co-ordination.

Anyway… It feels good to be back! 

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