Age ain’t nothing but a number 

Social media is a great place to dwell sometimes;  up to the minute stories, catching up with distant friends, work opportunities, the list is endless.  But one thing I’ve noticed lately and probably from following a different generation is the incessant tweets of negativity.

Things like “Oh my god I’m 25 soon, feel sooo old” and just general moaning about how stressed they are.  We all love to moan but when I was stressed in my twenties and needed a rant I wrote in my diary or called my best friend’s land line (old school).  I feel so sad that this new generation have to air everything and their terrible lives to all and sundry and get responses to feel validated.  

It’s also a shame that people complain  publicly about being old when they are anything but. It’s just ridiculous, what will they do when they are actually old?

My dad is 68, works long hours, loves a holiday, enjoys his free time and gets up and embraces the day every day;  so I’ve had a good mentor and I know not everyone can grow old as gracefully but please for the love of god when I see a 27 year old moan about their age I want to virtually slap them! 

I’m not really sure what the point of this post is but today I met my mum’s friend, a 92 year old called Jen, they met at the bus stop a few years ago and they became friends.  Jen lost her husband 4 years ago and had never even paid a bill on her own but she got on with it (apparently with the wonderful help of Age Concern) slapped on her make up and started again.

And believe me, this is one glamourpuss!  She had fabulous hair and make up just for a trip to Asda.

So, to everyone thinking their life is over at whatever age, take note as you can still enjoy life and be amazing, even at 92.  I hope I’m still embracing the MAC counter  like Jen, that’s for sure! 

Age really is nothing but a number and moaning less, being thankful and not giving a hoot what people think would be a really good start!



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  1. February 9, 2016 / 11:18 am

    SO true… When I was a youngster, I felt old beyond my years. Old felt wise, mature, better than young/immature. Younsters moaning are trying to appear older/wiser… this actually shows their immaturity. Those of us with a little age realise – Silliness is fun! You are only as old as you feel – I feel like a 6 year old!! It’s all in the heart & mind xXx

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