Watermelon Zinger juice

I’m not really a juice/smoothie person. In fact I’m the most boring person ever when it comes to drinks. I only drink water apart from when I drink alcohol then I’m a tiny bit more adventurous and indulge in white wine or a vodka soda.  I occasionally enjoy a herbal tea but that’s it really.

I gave up fizzy drinks a few years ago.

I always feel envious when people post their lovely looking blended juices on Instagram but still not envious enough to actually be bothered to make one. I’m not the biggest fan of fruit so never really know what I would fancy; until I went to Bills Restaurant and tried their delicious watermelon, peach and raspberry juice.  I became an instant smoothie fan!

When my cousin gave me the Donal Skehan Cookery book for Christmas I noticed that he had written a recipe for a Watermelon Zinger Juice – it sounded lovely and fresh so I decided to give it a go.
I don’t have a fancy juicer or nutri bullet so just mixed it up in a blender – the first time I did it it was a bit lumpy but I’ve made it a few times since and added more water – much better. It’s really refreshing, I think because one of the ingredients is cucumber.  I don’t normally eat watermelons either but in a juice it’s scrumptious!

The ingredients are basically watermelon, apple and cucumber with a slice of lime and pinch of ginger – simple. 

What’s your favourite Juice or Smoothie recipe?  Please mention any favourites in the comments below! 


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