autumn by the sea


As much as I love autumn, I am missing the hazy days of summer, riding my bike everywhere in the sunshine instead of the wind and drizzle. 


 Living by the sea is an absolute delight in the spring/summer months but when the seasons change it can make it extra gloomy.  Despite the crazy winds and stormy seas though it can be quite refreshin to start the day with a bracing beach walk – it definitely makes you feel like you’ve done a good workout.

This autumn, I planned to embrace a beach walk daily as it seems such a shame to live so close to sea then not see it for days on end. I’ve not really stuck to my word – I’ve managed one walk which left my hair in a very interesting state and the winds have been far too wild to put my hair through that again ;) 

November is my favourite month, the season change from summer to autumn is a cosy one and anything seems possible. 

It’s the calm before the storm ie: Christmas, and I intend to make the most of it before the madness commences.



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