The day I met Mick Hucknall

Back in the Nineties, whilst working at Capital Radio; one pop star of the time that I didn’t enjoy on any level was Mick Hucknall.

The radio station was a big lover of Simply Red, I can’t even tell you how many times a day they played Fairground – it became torture.

I had loved Simply Red in the 80’s and thought the music was great but in recent years I would have to switch poor Mick off when ever he appeared on TV.

I couldn’t fathom how he managed to go out with such gorgeous women.

Most days we would have celebrities in and out of reception heading to interviews at the station.  This particular day in 1995 was very enlightening; Suzie (my friend and the receptionist) and I were twiddling our thumbs on the front desk when we got word that Mick was coming in for an interview to promote the album.  I was horrified!

We whipped ourselves up into a frenzy about his visit and got the giggles even before the poor man had even entered the building. As he walked in, our giggles came to an abrupt halt and our jaws dropped!

Where was the small slimy man with a shock of red dreads and a scrunched up face that we were expecting?  Instead, in walked a deliciously tall man with a sexy swagger, leather trousers and a smiley face.

He still had the shock of red dreads, as this was pre Martine McCutcheon hair gate (where she allegedly threw up on them and resulted in him having to cut his hair!) As he introduced himself, we were practically swooning, I could barely contain myself, the man oozed sex appeal!

We had a lovely little chat with him and offered him a chewing gum like we were school girls.  I had never gone from revulsion to attraction in such a short space of time.  I really did want to fall from the Stars straight in to his arms ;)

Since then I really try not to judge a book by its cover, charisma is such a strong part of attraction. You never know until you meet someone in person what effect they have on you.

So next time you look at your most undesired celeb on the TV,  think of me and my old pal Mick because you too could be drooling and handing out chewing gums in an hysterical fashion one day!

19 years later at a friend’s very spectacular birthday party – a special guest was announced and to my surprise out comes Mick on to the stage. Okay, so 19 years later he wasn’t strutting in his leather trousers or flicking his dreads in a sexy manner but there I was, firmly at the front whooping with delight as he sung Fairground!


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