Happy 50th Birthday, SJP!

carrie bradshaw


Sarah Jessica Parker is the ultimate female style icon, certainly for the Sex and the City generation.  Men don’t always get the attraction – especially since the Family Guy sketch where they had her head shaped like a foot; My boyfriend says this is all he thinks of when he sees her now! 

But us girls, we love her – she got us through some tough times after all! ;)  Whenever I see pictures of SJP I think ‘Ooooh I want her hair, clothes and shoes’, obviously as Carrie she has the best wardrobe ever but even in real life she always looks so glam and on her dressing down days – boho chic. 

Today she turns 50; she looks fab and if I look as good as her at 50 then I will be a happy woman.  SJP makes me feel a whole lot better about turning 40 this year!  Other women in the public eye like Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Aniston are my total ‘over 40’ inspirations; looking fabulous and staying cool in a world where youth is so revered. 

I guess SJP turning 50 means that Carrie Bradshaw has too, now that is weird! 

It’s funny as we get older, of course so do our idols but it kind of makes the whole process easier watching them grow old gracefully, even Madonna is still flouncing around in a leotard.  Not sure that’s quite my thing but ultimately she’s having a good time and age ain’t nothing but a number to her, so good luck to Madge (though it might be time to give up the platform Louboutins)! 

Anyway – Happy Birthday SJP – I will celebrate the occasion with a Cosmo and a Sex and the City marathon! 

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