International Day Of Happiness

It’s International Day of Happiness today, so to join in the fun I’m sharing some of my favourite ways to stay happy!

Read a book

Really simple I know but it always lifts my spirits and if I’m having a bad day; reading always gives me a bit of escapism even if I only read for ten minutes. It is a known fact that reading reduces stress by 64% and it really does require minimum effort.   

Call a friend
A good chat with a friend is always better than a text especially with a friend you don’t often see. 



Even when I’m grumpy a workout will always perk me up and the pain of a hard class always distracts from anything else that was making me cross! Yoga is excellent as you can release the negative energy (chi) in the body. We all know Geri Yoga dvd is my favourite – I prefer her dvd to a class as she talks utter nonsense but is thoroughly entertaining throughout! Failing that, a walk is the number one stress free activity – brilliant for clearing the mind, and fresh air is a bonus. 



Write a letter

It’s so nice to receive a letter in the post that isn’t a bill so I love to send a little note card or letter to my friends. It cheers me, can be therapeutic to write and makes me even happier that they are going to receive a treat in the post. Stationery is also one of my favorite things, so this is a win-win happy thing!


5. Look at the sea

I know for lots of people this isn’t so easy – but any stretch of water is good to look at so even if you only have a pond to look at, it’s just as soothing. There are negative ions by water and this is proved to make us happier. If not have a bath and languish, it will have the same comforting effect. 


 6. Listen to your favourite songs (LOUD) 

We don’t always have time to dance & sing around the living room to our favourite songs but I feel this should be a weekly activity. I am never happier than dancing around my room pretending I am in an Andrew Lloyd Webber musical or blaring my all time happy song, Titanium!



7. Create a notice board of your favourite things

This is a good one for by your desk; when I am feeling stressed in the day I just look up at my notice board and it makes me really happy. I have photos of holidays, weddings and a general mish mash of happiness pinned on the board – it always makes me smile.

image1 (1)

8. Visit holiday websites 

This is my guilty pleasure – I don’t even have to be planning a trip but I am completely obsessed with looking at travel websites. I even buy the Sunday Times Travel magazine – this may depress some people if they aren’t going away but for me it’s a reminder of all the wonderful places outside my four walls that I may one day visit.  My new favourite travel site was created by my friend Helen and well worth checking out – Passport Stamps




9. Keep a diary 

I find this helps me focus – if I have no plans to write in the diary then I will make some! If I have lots of plans to write in, then it reminds me of the all things I have to look forward to.  I have a few diaries – one for work, personal and the one I write in to get things off my chest.

It's oh so quiet....


10. Book a beauty treatment

Not many people think to pamper themselves. I recently had a facial my last one had been five years ago; despite working in beauty I realised that I’d been looking after other people’s beauty needs but not my own!  Treating yourself doesn’t have to be expensive – so many salons have special offers, so shop around and treat yourself.  You’re worth it! 

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  1. Aliibobby
    March 20, 2015 / 5:12 pm

    I absolutely agree with number 6 x

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