Coastal Love


I promised I would be consistent with the blog so 8 days in August, here goes. I’ve missed blogging, the downside of writing and promoting for others is that you forget your own fun projects!

Working from home I get the bonus of enjoying the beautiful surroundings of where I live, it is a real treat when for years the most scenery I got to see was the inside of a southern train.


I’m not sure if it’s an age thing or just the fact I lived the city life for 32 years but I love coastal living and for me it’s not comparable really.  That’s not to say I don’t like to dip my toes into the city at least once a month, I still think London is the best city in the world but right now my feet are firmly in the sand (well, pebbles)


Seven years ago this week I fled to the sunshine coast to be with my family following a break up;  I don’t think I really appreciated any kind of sunshine at the time.  I remember saying to my friends that I wouldn’t last more than 6 weeks, but obviously 7 years on I am still here and appreciating every minute of it, especially in this gorgeous weather. Although the photo you see below is from Christmas Day – the sun was even shining then!



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