Single girl’s bible

When my girlfriends split up with a man or feel broken hearted in anyway; the first thing I tell them to do is to watch the Sex and The City box set.

There is no better single girl’s bible than this – ironically my ex-boyfriend bought me the box set before we went to New York, a year before we split and it was to be my lifeline through the break up.

As silly as it may sound my friends and I often find ourselves quoting from episodes when our love lives take a turn for the worst/better. Its somewhat soothing to think someone else gets it, even if Carrie does take a long time to get to the point with all her ‘got to thinking’ – as a woman you can’t help but find it a comfort.

The fact that the series was written by a gay man is pretty amazing too, how he managed to cover absolute every situation a woman faces in her life is total genius.  It’s easy to forget its fiction.

We all have a Samantha, Miranda, Carrie and Charlotte in our lives (even a Stanford and Anthony thrown in for good measure).  I have my versions and I know I couldn’t survive with out them!

Sex and the City is a great reminder that despite the trials and tribulations of a being (an albeit happy) single womam.  it’s all totally par for the course. You never need to feel alone when Samantha, Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte are just a click away.

Sex and the City girls


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  1. September 23, 2013 / 12:14 pm

    Oh please introduce me to your “Miranda” ;) x

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