Back to the Future?

This post is a subject I’ve touched on many times and that is the subject of recycling men.  There’s someone in everyone’s life that they have had unfinished romances with or someone that left a big impact on them, even my settled friends have that one big love or fling that they reminisce and fantasise about. I think most of the time these kind of memories are the ones that remind of us of the younger, more carefree people we were at the time.

I’ve re visited a few past connections over the years and it hadn’t always been the big romantic reunion I may have expected but it brought a spring to my step and a lovely memory of days gone by when life was nothing but a dance floor and the liaisons were nothing but a passing bit of excitement. And sometimes it even brought me a new friend in the shape of an old one.

As much as I very much live in the present (I am not one for big future plans); I thrive on trips down memory lane and reminiscing with old friends. As much it can be a negative for some, I find it refreshing and as long as it doesn’t hold you back it can be therapeutic.  I’m not talking about old exes that broke your heart or bad past exploits – only the fun ones.  Remembering the good times can sometimes be a big positive in moving forward.  I only have to listen To SClub7 or Britney and I’m 20 something again (ha!), and as much as I love being in my 30s and happy to not be quite as silly; to have a mix of the both is a real bonus.

So should we revisit past loves?  Obviously my experience so far hasn’t been too bad but what about meeting the person that you always had in the back of your mind (the one I know we all have)?

My friend and I have recently organised to meet up with someone I had a very brief fling with years ago, the one that got away so to be speak (who in my head is the equivalent of George Clooney).  Whilst expressing my sheer horror, doubt but ultimately excitement at seeing him again after all these years, my friend launched into a big story on how it’s the new thing – all women recycle!  She went out with a guy on and off between 13 years and 18 years old, they lost touch after school and years later when she couldn’t find him on My Space (yes those days).  She sent a xmas card to his parents house with her phone number in it; he rung her straight away.  Three years later they are happily married with a baby!

Another friend found her first boyfriend from school (who she fell in love with on a French exchange at 14) on facebook; she messaged him and within months they were madly in love. Four years later they are still together and have a cute little daughter!

Not that marriage and babies are on the immediate agenda, let’s not get ahead of ourselves!   They are just two really nice examples that hooking up with the man of your teenage or post teenage dreams can be the way forward. I think the key is to not have any expectations, we would all like to think that we could instantly recreate that giddy, dreamy moment of how you felt before.   

I’m under no illusion that my reunion will be nothing but a really fun night (that’s if he doesn’t turn up with 3 wives or something, obviously)!  I know he will definitely make me laugh and if anything it could confirm that I had really good taste when I was 24 and worse case scenario confirm that George Clooney is definitely not the man of my dreams!



  1. Judy
    January 15, 2013 / 7:59 pm

    Love this post! It’s something I think about a lot and I tend to look back a bit too much, but like you say it’s because you’re looking back on a time when everything was a lot of fun :)

    I love the idea that an old flame could become something again but I think it’s important to see the difference between wondering ‘what if’ and just wanting to relive and recreate old memories. I know there are people I could recycle and have fun with but not sure I’d know how to stop it ending the same way it did back then! xx

  2. Trace Coops
    January 16, 2013 / 10:47 am

    Fab post LV!

    After 2012 was the year of recycling I’m hoping that 2013 will bring me new liaisons and dalliances with fresh meat so to speak!

    But, yep, I suppose that’s why we do revisit old flames and ones that got away because in our hearts we always hope that this time will be the ‘right time and right place’ for once!


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