My loves of 2012…


The good part of writing a blog post about the year gone by is you get to reflect on the all the brilliant things you forgot happened!

Aside from some not so great moments for me and especially some of my good friends, 2012 for me was generally a happy memorable one.  I made some amazing new friends, reunited with some old ones and felt like I learned a myriad of good lessons and as a result hope that I will be a wiser person as I run enthusiastically into 2013.

Here are a few of my more entertaining highlights:


The first week of March I worked on a photo shoot with Peter Andre on Brighton Beach.  He’s a lovely man and a true professional, we had nice flirty banter and though we aren’t engaged yet the next few times we met through the year we were almost firm friends; ). The 1 min and 18 secs I featured in his show caused much excitement amongst my family, friends and even the man in the local shop.


true love


We worked on the Fat Boy Slim – Big Beach Bootique 5 at the Amex Stadium in Brighton.  It was my first visit to a football stadium and my first venture into house music – as a bona fide pop tart it was a surprise to all, even me that I absolutely loved every minute of the two days and was raving in the rain (sober) by the end of it!

Me and Josie with the amazing Fat Boy Slim on stage in the background

Me and Josie with the amazing Fat Boy Slim on stage in the background


My good friend Dotty Belle  got married in Somerset.  I had some of the best times of my life in Somerset so I knew returning to the place for such an occasion would be dreamful and I wasnt disappointed.  Dotty’s wedding was perfection from start to finish and I took away with me some  true and kindred friends.  We all felt we had been on little holiday together afterwards and there really is nothing better than meeting new people and feeling like you’ve known them forever!



Since I was 13 I always loved Pat Sharp on the radio (Funhouse weirdly passed me by) so when I started work at the age of 18 at Capital Radio, you can imagine my delight that I was to be working alongside my favourite DJ! All these years later we are still friends and it was an absolute treat in 2012 to be reunited once again with him after about 15 years.   It was like a day hadn’t passed and it was one of the funniest nights I’ve had all year.



As mentioned in a previous post, a big highlight this year was working on the very worthy Peace One Day concert at Wembley Arena. Again, I met and worked with some great people and rocking out to Sir Elton John at the side of the stage was a truly rock n roll  moment!

The stage! Band-Aids?


After waiting all year, at last it was time to see George Michael in concert with my friend Clare. We had tickets right at the back but I was surprised when we got to the venue to be presented with brand new tickets seated at the front by our new concert promoter friend! Not only was it an absolute treat to be nearer to the stage than I ever have before at a George concert,  I was so happy to be so kindly surprised by someone who I had only ever met once.  My faith was restored in many ways that night but mainly by someone’s kindness.


Just a few of the highlights of 2012 I wanted to share, there were lots more (babies, birthdays, parties, holidays etc) but too many to document.

Hopefully next year’s blog posts will be full of even more frivolity! Plus, I love odd numbers so here’s to 2013!



  1. January 1, 2013 / 6:50 pm

    What a year! Lets hope this one is just as good for you!

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