Bring back Mc Dreamy!

I am only 3 episodes into Grey’s Anatomy Season 8 (US TV are further ahead than us) and I’m already traumatised!  What happened to the romance in the hospital and the occasional happy dramas?

Now it’s all gloom and even more  death – all the best characters are leaving, dying or just really miserable.

I am hoping the season gets better, as my love the show is starting to wane.

Even Mc Dreamy doesn’t give us his sexy smile anymore.   Meredith has finally sucked the life out of him, he walks around the hospital like a shadow of his former self!  Very disappointing.

The saving grace is that Alex Karev is still the same cheeky, handsome cad that he always was and Avery is still flashing his abs. So it maybe worth staying tuned… for now.

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