To blog or not to blog?

I believe there are some things you just can’t blog about.

My blogger friend Judy and I were discussing the pros and cons of baring your soul in a blog post – How honest should we be?  How much is okay to share and how comfortable do we even feel sharing our life, loves and woes with the world?

As much as I ramble on Twitter and in a blog I don’t ever really reveal my inner most feelings at any point.  The blogs I read from the brave bloggers that do though are really the best to read, and I cant help but admire the uninhibited way in which they they write about themselves and wish I could do the same.  I completely understand why people write anonymous blogs – the idea is quite appealing to me, to be able to write with pure unadulterated abandon!

When advertising a blog on Twitter and Facebook we are opening ourselves up to a wide audience including work colleagues, close friends, strangers even clients, and as much as we want our blog to be read those factors do need to be considered.  Who is reading our thoughts, our feelings, the diaries of our lives? 
On occasion in the past when I have written an emotional blog post, some friends who have read it have expressed concern, another reason sometimes to hold back maybe? It may be at that moment I was writing about an emotional issue not necessarily that I was still traumatised by it as such but you can see how confusion can arise! 
I’ve been quiet this year blog wise and I do feel creatively that I’ve held back for fear of being too emotionally exposed.  I pride myself on being positive and cheerful and the start of this year proved quite challenging in general and in response my so called writers block kicked in – if I didn’t write it, it wasn’t happening maybe? At the same time I didn’t want to appear a misery, possibly thinking of my audience rather than losing myself in the purpose of a blog – to entertain but to express ones self.  After all writing is therapy and we all need a bit of therapy!

So I shall endeavour to write with my heart on my sleeve once more and bare a tiny bit of my soul to my loyal readers who I have unwittingly neglected…


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  1. April 26, 2012 / 10:57 am

    I think you should share what you want to share and if a tiny voice inside tells you not to share something, or that maybe you need to not post about something, listen to it.The Internet can be a very judgmental and public place. I have found that I don't want to bare my whole soul online and only share what I feel comfortable sharing. Otherwise, I feel too exposed and that makes me uncomfortable.I have cut down on my blogging for the same reason you mentioned. I don't want to be too "out there" with my life at the moment so I am focusing on what I am doing instead of what I am experiencing and feeling. And then the posts are few and far between.It all comes down to comfort level and what a blogger feels comfortable sharing with the world. Do what feels right for you and don't question it. You feel this way for a reason.

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