My week with Marilyn

I went to see the movie My Week with Marilyn recently and absolutely loved it!  Of course, there isn’t a Hollywood Star that shone as bright as Marilyn and she is always a fascinating subject; we all want to know what she was really like and what she got up to behind closed doors.
This film is about her trip to England to shoot The Prince and the Showgirl with acclaimed theatre actor Laurence Olivier and her relationship with the assistant on the shoot, Colin Clark. The film is based on Colin’s published memoirs; he is just a young guy in his first job who happens to have this special unique bond with Marilyn. The film is told from Colin’s point of view and is really beautifully put across. 
There are so many brilliant actors in it including the cream of the British theatre and film industry, so every scene is a delight. Eddie Redmayne who plays Colin is an upcoming British actor and in my opinion, a dreamboat that you will find yourself with a little crush on by the end of the film. 
I have just started Colin Clark’s book that the film was based on and its just as good if not better.  This lovely story proves that its always worth keeping a diary! 


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