You had me at hello…

A year on from the below post and T is back. We never did get to meet that May in 2010, he just vanished in to thin air.  I just presumed he met the woman of his dreams and got married or something but it appears he didn’t – he just got a dog.

Feeling fresh and flirty following my trip to Oz, I needed some excitement.  November brought back lots of memories of that weekend in 2000, its my favourite month and always brings with it a bit of excitement.
This year it brought T – I emailed him on a whim and he responded accordingly (no mention of where he had been for the last year and a half ) and later that evening after a day of emailing he popped up on my phone ‘Hi its T, Is this you LV – this is my number xx’ (we all know how I love a man that puts xx’s)!

Texts went back and forth for a few more days and things were looking hopeful for a meet. 
Four weeks on and we haven’t actually spoken yet – we did try and speak one night when we had both had quite a lot of alcohol but we couldn’t really understand each other (accents and alcohol don’t mix).  We don’t have the greatest history in terms of getting it together and he could still be a complete player.  Can people really change in 11 years?

I cant help but be intrigued by him, I know very well that some memories are best left where they belong and I shouldn’t try and recreate a moment that’s so far gone I cant even remember it!  However, part of me (the part that watches too many romantic movies) refuses to give up on him.

He had me at hello back then, and that’s something that has only happened to me once in my whole life so surely that should be reason enough to have a little faith in fate?  This could go nowhere again and I’m not even sure what I want to happen aside from seeing him but I think it could be exciting. Sometimes we have to trust our instincts and with the December man drought looming, being had at hello is definitely a good incentive…..x


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