back up plan…

My single work colleague Emma and I have had a busy week on the man front. I say busy, there has been a few tit bits to get whipped up about; most of the time we have just got overexcited for no apparent reason. I blame my jet lag and the month of November which always brings lots of excitement!

It started off well; Emma fixed a date for the weekend with a very cool guy she has had her eye on for a while and I ignited a flame with a past fling! (more about this later), we also pencilled in a couple of outings next week that could provide a bit of male banter if nothing else. However today, the flames seem to be flickering slightly and Emma’s date is being a little shady with the arrangements. My other single gal pal D, had the most dreamful date last week and this week she has heard nothing from him apart from that he feels a bit down?!! Really? What is wrong with these men? Do they just like to tell us all about how they feel, and lead us on to let us down, it’s so boring. In the words of Sheryl Crow – all we wanna do is have some fun!

Emma is now obviously feeling a little disillusioned – with 14 years experience over her, we weirdly seem to be in the same position?  Yet I have I dont have much to advise on this subject but this- always have a back up plan ladies. That way you won’t drown in disappointment when the current love interest lets you down, at least you can have love interest number 2 waiting in the wings. Even if the wing man isn’t the man of your dreams he can hopefully distract a little from any possible love fails. Even with the slim pickings around for us girls – we must keep our options. It’s a jungle out there!


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