Get Well Soon George! x

It’s not always easy being George Michael’s biggest fan.
I was brought up in a pub and was teased mercilessly by the customers for being a fan; for years I took the bait and fought my cause! As I’ve got older I realise that everyone is a secret George fan really – not many people dislike him, especially as he’s always so down to earth and honest about things and lets not forget he’s given us some of the greatest pop songs ever!

George’s life has been a turbulent one in recent years; getting arrested, going to prison etc.. These trials and tribulations were all very traumatic for the fans to deal with and defending him to the critics has become my area of expertise! 

I went to the concert recently and as much as it was amazing, he wasn’t his usual chatty self, it all became apparent the next day when he cancelled the next show due to illness. George later said the show I saw ‘was the most difficult of his life’.  Now, a month later, he has been diagnosed with pneumonia; the fan sites have gone crazy with support and not a moan from any fan about the cancellation of the gigs. These fans are literally the most FAITHful fans ever – George has said himself that through thick and thin, his fans remain the most loyal.  I joined my first ever fan page on facebook last year when he went to prison and as geeky as I felt – the members are just brilliant.

What a journey it’s been, we get over one hurdle with George to face another! I believe that whoever is booking the concerts has booked them so back to back, that there has barely been time for a little rest.  I couldn’t do it; I get exhausted singing in my bedroom! Ha! George is 47, so I think he’s doing pretty well strutting his stuff every night in a million different countries, not too mention the partying he likes to take part in ;)

I hope he’s back doing what he’s best at soon and I can’t wait for the high energy dance album that’s on its way. In the meantime – Get well soon George! X x



  1. November 24, 2011 / 1:18 pm

    Ah what a lovely post and so true! I also suffered a lot of teasing at school especially after the toilet incident but I've never met anyone who deosn't like at least one of his songs. I'm hoping I'll get to see him in Liverpool next week but of course the main concern is that he gets better and I'd hate for him to do the concert and make himself worse, bless him!

  2. November 27, 2011 / 3:39 pm

    A lovely post, Lisa – am praying George will get well soon. That's the only thing I care about. And looking forward to seven rescheduled shows next year! Great to meet you at the RAH. Jenny x

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