My movie of the year!

I haven’t really watched that many episodes of The Inbetweeners; I really didn’t think it would be my thing but after laughing my head off in spite of myself at the ones I had seen, it became apparent to me that I just had to go and see the movie. I absolutely loved it – I found myself laughing out loud so many times in a most embarrassing, uncontrollable fashion in the packed cinema. I think if I had seen the movie as a teen I wouldn’t have been so scared of boys, I had no idea at the time that they were so stupid!  Will is by far my favourite character – I think if there was  character I could identify with it would be him as he wants everything to to go so smoothly all the time and he tries so hard to be organised and sensible but it always goes a bit wrong much to his frustration! The bit where he loses his glasses will never stop making me laugh. An added bonus for me was that it was set in my favourite holiday location, Crete. Although I have heard since that most of it was filmed in Majorca, it still made me nostalgic for my Greek holidays, not that mine have ever been as wild as that one! Thankfully – I think. ;)


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