The Princes of me


When I was 14 I became friends with a girl who lived a few doors away, she was 21 and house shared with four guys. 

The boys were all about 8 years older than me but we all became friends and in fact I stayed in contact with them long after she moved on.  My best friends and I hung out with them all the time, we were always at their house, listening to their music, meeting their numerous friends; we were at all their parties (with a curfew) and basically ensconced ourselves in to their heady world of boydom. 

Lucky for us it was always totally innocent/platonic and we were lucky that they were nice respectable lads.  We kind of taught them about taught them about girl stuff, advised them on their love lives and at some point one or all of us had a crush on one of them.  In turn we learnt that boys weren’t as scary as we thought and that male company was sometimes the best!  

I was showered with adoration, gifts and total respect and I loved it – hypothetically I was the little sister, the girlfriend and sometimes the mascot rolled in to one!  I was certainly spoilt.

One of the boys (now a man oviously)  is happily married with children but  our bond has remained strong.  I guess in a way he was my soul mate as he always completely got me and still does even if when we haven’t spoken for months. When I went through my traumatic break up a few years ago he was the one packing up my stuff and moving us out, doing all the things I couldn’t face.  It’s guys like him that keep my faith in men. 

When I was 16 he bought me the song of the moment ‘Everything I Do’ from the movie Robin Hood – Prince Of Thieves (who didn’t have that record!?)  On the sleeve he wrote a quote from the movie ‘There are no perfect men in this world. Only perfect intentions’.  Twenty years later, I still love that quote and it means just as much now as it did then. 

The boys gave me an early degree in life – thanks to them I have a 1st.


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