Take a (dirty) picture for me…?

I haven’t really blogged about men in a while, the drought continues.  However, there have been a few tit bits I can fill you in on. 

I recently got back in touch with a guy that J and I  (my single girl pal of 48 hour date fame) met 3 years ago on a night out, we stayed in touch with him as he was quite a giggle and I quite fancied him at the time. J kept him on her Facebook but I deleted him as I didn’t see the point in staying in touch with someone I am never likely to see again; J leaves these people on there in case I am curious which is sometimes handy!  Sure enough during a wine fuelled night with J, I decided to re add him; we had a bit of banter on FB, exchanged numbers and a few texts, then out of the blue he asked me to send him a photo of myself.  I explained we were Facebook friends so he knew what I looked like. He decided he would send one of him to me, despite me saying I didn’t really need one as I knew perfect well what he looked like, I added I would be more than happy to meet up in person but didn’t really see the point in this text photo charade!  This was clearly not in his plan, he ignored that suggestion and sent a photo of himself anyway.  He then asked me a few times for a saucy one but after I said No, he said he would settle for a normal one (how reasonable of him). To be honest it started to get on my nerves, I am no prude but really why would I want to send a photo (saucy or otherwise) to a guy, out of the blue, who I have met once, and who has no intention of meeting me in real life? How boring?!  He gave up in the end, said ‘never mind’ and I haven’t heard from him since – obviously (and thankfully).   Is there really no such thing as chivalry any more?

Needless to say he’s back in the deleted file.



  1. June 14, 2011 / 7:24 pm

    Good he deserves to be in the deleted file !! xx

  2. June 26, 2011 / 10:27 pm

    Is this that guy from the Treehouse? Thought I was a wrecking machine or something…

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