Pop Royalty

George Michael gave his fans a big treat this weekend, by recording Stevie Wonder’s love song – You and I, as a wedding gift to Prince William and Kate. He had the idea just a week before, on Twitter, where he had asked his fans to suggest the perfect wedding song for William and Kate, promising that he would record the chosen song and put it on his own website as a free download, encouraging everyone, if they can, to make a donation to William and Kate’s royal wedding charity fund. http://www.royalweddingcharityfund.org/
The recording is George at his best; he always covers Stevie’s songs with pure perfection and he hasn’t disappointed on this occasion either.  George’s voice glides through every note, resulting in a truly faultless and beautiful vocal performance.
To download the song visit http://www.georgemichael.com/gift/


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