paris in december…..

We were lucky enough, this year, to have our xmas party in the city of love, Paris! I only caught a glimpse of the Louvre and the Eiffer Tower this time, but on this occasion it was nice to see Paris, from a Parisien’s view rather than from a tourist’s one. I have struggled to find the romance of Paris, I prefer London; even Sex and the City couldnt sway me….! I am sure if I went with the man of my dreams and stayed at The Ritz and could shop til I dropped, it would have more appeal, but as yet I have yet to find any bond with it. Despite that, and a dreadful trip on the Eurostar we had (due to snow), it was super fun and the parisiens treated us like royalty, which was tres tres bon! :) Maybe Paris will soon find a place in my heart after all…


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