we love TOWIE!

Over the last few weeks, social networking sites have been awash with talk of the latest TV craze, The Only Way Is Essex; I could not resist any longer and so wrenched myself in and of course now, I am now hooked.

The Only Way Is Essex is an ITV2 reality television show based in Essex. It follows the lives of Essex girls and boys Mark, Kirk, Amy, Lauren, Sam, Arg and friends. The show is basically the UK’s answer to The Hills and we LOVE it. In the short time that the show has been on, it has gained a massive following amongst celebs and the general public alike, the Face book fan page has acquired 90,000 fans and famed expressions such as ‘well jell’ (jealous) and ‘shut uuuup’ (no way) have spread a lot further a field than Essex (mainly to my office)! The characters are all quite likeable, with Nanny Pat steaming ahead in the popularity charts; she is Mark’s Nan and pops around with a nice sausage plait every now and then. She makes me laugh as she is a typical Nan, she reminds me of my own, who always used to be very up to date with all the gossip and dramas. Her relationship with Mark is lovely and you can tell they adore each other. I quite enjoy the little scenes with Amy (the Jordan wannabe beauty therapist) and her cousin Harry; their exchanges can be very amusing. Although Mark is really handsome, Kirk seems to be the most popular boy from the show, well certainly with the girls in my office. I’m not particularly lusting after any of them; I just think they are all really sweet, especially Arg and his little tribute to the Rat Pack act. So, if you haven’t tuned in already then you really must; it’s addictive viewing and we only about have about 6 weeks with our Essex friends left! Shut uuuup!



  1. November 5, 2010 / 7:54 pm

    I've resisted watching this until today. Despite my better judgement, I'm hooked! It's such bad acting which makes it even more addictive! Also, what's going on with Amy's lips?

  2. November 9, 2010 / 10:09 pm

    Well firstly can i say the last in the series is tomorrow , much to my dismay and having been a lover of the Hills I was dubious however its so awful I love it. but remember the people and relationships are real……just certain scenes with a few extras are thrown in there to spice it up …….I'm Well Jel its finishing !-( x P.S Kirk is delightful ! even if his mum does look like him in a wig ! x

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