when LV met Josie…….

Unusually, I spent my whole summer glued to Big Brother. I have only watched a few over the years as the amount of people trying to be freaky or who were just plain freaky used to bore me. The first ever Big Brother was hilarious because it was the first series of its kind and the contestants didn’t really know what to expect – so it felt much more like a bunch of people just living in your TV screen. This year I promised a couple of friends I would make an effort with it, they had been outraged I didn’t choose to partake in their enthusiasm for the show over the years.
I watched the first show, ready to turn over, but I found myself being drawn in. Josie from Bristol was the first in to the house, she looked like good fun; My friends and I decided instantly that she would be the winner, she seemed the type of girl you could imagine being friends with. For the next few months, like everyone else, I was caught up in the John James and Josie romance. My favourite moment of the show was when they did the Glee task; Josie embraced it despite claiming she couldn’t sing a note! When Josie was announced the winner, I was delighted! Josie was the most genuinely deserving winner; this was proved when she announced in her interview that she would donate a chunk of her winnings to her old boss’s charity http://www.clicsargent.org.uk/ I was actually glad when she chose to leave the second part of the series; Ultimate Big Brother. She felt out of her depth and desperate to be with her new beau and family so it was definitely the right decision.
Ironically, a few months later in the office, we decided to book Josie to attend our fundraising event at our client’s restaurant in Brighton. I nominated myself to collect Josie from the station and we instantly hit it off; I, Josie, her manager and a lovely film crew all bundled into a taxi. Josie and I embarked on our very own photo session, trying to work out if it was chin up or chin down, that made you look slimmer in photos! It was a giggle before we had even got out of the taxi. The film crew were filming for the Josie and John James documentary my incessant chatting luckily did not make the final cut which was a relief! Josie was exactly like she was on the show, a kindred spirit, girl in love, girl on a health kick and someone just basically taking it all in whilst trying to enjoy every minute. I asked her what had been her best night out since leaving the house and she replied ‘actually I think tonight is one of them!’ She said it was like being down her local and a right laugh. After watching her all that time in my little TV screen, I was happy to be part of her first ever public appearance experience; we really did have fun, and even a dance to the legendary Boney M. As the night drew to a close, after making a lot of people happy by signing autographs, posing for photographs and basically chatting to anyone that spoke to her; Josie left in a taxi, off to see her John James back at home, but not before speaking again to the loyal fans outside the restaurant. What a girl, what a night and what a fabulous new friend!


  1. October 14, 2010 / 8:31 pm

    ah thats lovely she to was my fave from the minute she walked through the door would love to meet her ty for that

  2. October 14, 2010 / 8:46 pm

    Sounded a really fun night lisa :) thanks for the update xxx

  3. October 15, 2010 / 12:32 pm

    Lisa what a great read thanks:-) .. You probably won't recall, but I was tweeting away to you like a mad thing on that night [TripleJette] as you kept us TripleJ fans updated by tweeting step by step, the evenings events as they unfolded. You tweeted that you and Josie were on your way to Donatellos in the taxi, as she read out the raffle ticket numbers, the delicious food that was on offer, and as you both danced along to Boney M. You were kind enough to include us and make us feel a part of her first exciting P.A which I [as I know others did] appreciated very much .. thank you from Katie Ribbons [ aka TripleJette on Twitter ] xx :-)

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