Robbie and Gary relight my fire…..

I love the Robbie and Gary song – Shame. My feelings for Take That have laid slightly dormant since the amazing ‘Rule The World’, but their performance last Saturday night on the TV show ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ has released the inner Take Thatter in me once again! The lyrics are brilliant; I love that it’s their little story and I especially love Robbie’s line ‘so I got busy throwing everybody underneath the bus’….Such a perfect line and a great analogy of how we are so quick to blame everyone else when things go wrong. Gary never fails us lyrically, and his vocals have got so much stronger and smoother over the years. His voice makes me feel like I am wrapped in a delicious blanket of dreamy dreamfulness, so soothing. I felt like he was guiding Robbie beautifully through the vocally flawless performance and the harmonies were so overwhelming polished you could not help much watch and listen in wonderment! Enough of my gushing – see what you think….Enjoy!

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  1. October 8, 2010 / 8:55 am

    I think you were one of the first to my tweet when I commented on the SCD performance. Seriously, I instantly got taken back to when I was 16, I was half an inch away from screaming "Rooobbbbbiiiiieeee" at the tv!!!I really, really love the song too. But Robbie AND Gary in a suit…it's the dream Lisa. The dream!

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