Grey Jumper 2010

Just when I thought it was quiet…On Sunday as I was heading to the bar, I receive a text from Melissa informing me that Grey Jumper has just arrived. I had a feeling he was due for a visit – it was also this time last year that the fake date took place. I wasn’t in the mood to see him, as his last visit was quite annoying, and also I hadn’t straightened my hair! (These things are still important even if the object of affection is now undesirable). I approached the bar with trepidation; he was standing about a metre away from me. I pretended that I hadn’t seen him and spoke directly to Melissa who looked highly amused. After a while, I bit the bullet and said hi to him and his dad, he was very subdued this time and just when he looked like he was going to lunge in for a quick peck, he sensibly changed his mind. Some of my friends were quite excited that he had appeared. But I am pleased to report that on this occasion, it was non eventful. He was even wearing a Black Jumper this time. Grey jumper is no more


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