real life Vs fiction

I am still loving The Hills (such a geek). I have just finished season 4, so still a little behind. I even shed a tear when Whitney left for NYC. My colleague Emma is leaving in a few months and I am quite distraught; we often emulate Whitney and Lauren sitting at their desks gossiping. Emma says I am more like Lauren, as I am the one with the dramas (which could be a little bit true), whilst Emma reacts in all the right places, Whitney style. It’s sad when people leave, but great when they go on to do bigger and better things (like Whitney and hopefully Emma). So as much as I will miss my little work companion, I am also excited for her, and wondering what my new colleague will bring to the party!? Maybe she will be a Heidi or an Audrina? Who knows? The rest (as the The Hills theme tunes says)…is still unwritten :)


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