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I was just that little bit too young to enjoy the first release of the film Fame, but my sister had the film soundtrack on vinyl and as soon as I was old enough, I sang along and knew the songs by heart and imagined I had a starring role. Didn’t we all!? I loved the series and played the records constantly! If I ever had an audition I would watch the film for a little bit of inspiration, always loving the end when they all sing a really soul searching, dramatic song – the whole cast get involved and the teacher’s/family all watch with heightened emotion and pride! Star maker, the song that features in the series is a particular favourite – all very emotional when they sing to the teacher that’s leaving!
So you can imagine the excitement of myself and GBF this Sunday, when we took ourselves off to the movie (with my 13 year old niece in tow, sporting her new fabulous neon pink leggings), only to be faced with a version that was a little bit more ‘save the last dance’ than the cheesy original we know and love. I did, however, really enjoy it and it did get suitably cheesy as it went on, though the characters did not have as much depth as the original and you didn’t really feel like you bonded with them as much. The teachers were great – and the lead girl had a beautiful voice but that was kind of it really. The final song, was the usual group effort but wasn’t anywhere near as amazing and tearjearky as Star maker or Sing the Body Electric! Needless to say, GBF hated it, my niece liked it and I am glad I went; there is nothing like a little bit of musical frivolity on a Sunday and it proves after all these years, that the ‘Fame’ dream is gonna live forever……

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  1. October 7, 2009 / 9:55 am

    Oh God! That brought a huge grin to my face…! Sweat bands and leg warmers… don't you just love 'em!? Seriously though, I blame Fame (and not forgetting Jane Fonda) for leisure wear being acceptable day time attire… it's a Gibsonian decline..

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