Grey Jumper – What a cad!

Whilst having a cosy night in on Sunday evening I received a text from Melissa, who was working in the bar, saying three words ‘GREY JUMPER ALERT’, it did make me laugh out loud! Only the day before I had bumped in to his dad, who incidentally was wearing a grey cardigan and strangely enough, so was I – highly amusing! I introduced him to my friend as ‘Grey Jumper’s dad’ he enjoyed this.

I have not seen ‘Grey Jumper’ since the fake date in May, and not heard a peep out of him since the girlfriend text and have absolutley no desire to. An hour after Melissa’s alert text, I had a text from a number I didnt recognise, saying – Hey L, coming out for a beer? Obviously it was him and clearly not any of my friends as I have never drunk a beer in my life! I text back (of course) – who is this? – he replied – ‘Grey jumper’s son – what’s my name? I rang my friend Rachel and we were really laughing at his audacity and the fact he said ‘What’s my name’? How deeply strange!? We were wondering if he thought he was Eminem or something!? Rachel dared me to text back ‘Slim Shady’? So I did (am so grown up). My full reply was ‘Your name? Slim Shady? No drinks for me tonight. Hope you are well.’ Gosh, I am such a cool professional ice queen (nearly)!


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