Sade Lullaby

Whenever I can’t sleep or I am a bit stressed, I pop a bit of Sade on the ipod. It works a lovely treat every time, no sooner as she sings the first line I am Zzzzzz. Out like a little light….! If I am in a shop or restaurant when she is playing – it’s game over – I can feel my eyes glaze over and if I don’t zoom out, I would be catching some Z’s there and then! It’s such shame as I absolutely love her music, but I never really get to truly enjoy her. I find her voice very soothing and relaxing – clearly! The only Sade song I manage to listen the whole way through is – By Your Side. It is one of my all time favourite songs as it is sooo romantic and dreamy! Please find link to the song below…..I only hope you can stay awake long enough to enjoy :) x


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