Lift me up!

I had a very eventful day yesterday – not your average Monday! I went on a magazine photo shoot with my the lovely Dawn Porter. The shoot began in a luscious hotel and then around Soho where she had some shots taken in various places. One was in a market, where a guy on a stall shouted “you famous love?!’ then when we had finished shouted “Ooo well done love you got the job” This made me howl and lovely Dawn who was trying to be serious for the photo’s found it very hard not to smile.

At the end of the shoot we popped back to the hotel with the photographer and another PR guy to pick up all our baggage, we got in the lift full of frivolity following the photo shoot success when the lift suddenly jolted quite dramatically and Dawn promptly screamed! This set me off into fit of giggles as her scream made me jump! We were stuck! Dawn said ” we are stuck aren’t we – are we really”? This did not bode well for me as up until about a year ago I had a life long phobia of lifts.

Strangely enough I felt quite calm – Dawn started pressing the alarm whilst stating the fact that if she died at least she would die in a pretty dress! This did not help my giggling fit! After Dawn pressed the bell another three times – and the photographer pressing the fan back on, the lift jolted again and we were saved!

It doesn’t sound so funny now but it really was at the time! I surprised myself a little bit as well by not remotely panicking – maybe I am becoming rational in my old age?
I leave you with a picture I absolutely love – of Stephen Fry when he too got stuck in a lift with a bunch of strangers recently,  he posted it on Twitter. I wish I had thought of that instead of giggling insanely!



  1. June 23, 2009 / 11:06 pm

    I was hoping you would blog this story, would have been so funny if you had tweeted it on twitter haha. How funny she thought of the dress… love it. xx

  2. June 27, 2009 / 4:19 am

    I remember a hail storm out in the country. I had a familiarity with hail growing up but this was the most unbelievable sized hail and it was hitting the ground so hard it was popping back up above the grass height like fully popped popping corn. The other three people in the car with me were screaming and all I could do was laugh. It is so freeing to realize I had no control of the situation-nature was unleashing a wrath and I was by comparison inconsequential.

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