I went to a meeting yesterday that reminded me of why I hate meetings and the people in them that love the sound of their own voice! The person chairing the meeting could have come straight out of the ‘Absolutely Fabulous’ TV series (a bit like the women that work at Patsy’s magazine who all talk about lovely photos and things!).

It was just like that, everyone having these not so amazing ideas and taking forever to explain them in a really loud voice, when in reality it would have taken all of 5 minutes. Me and my colleague (who can both normally talk for England and anywhere else) were literally rendered mute. Where do we go with people who only want to hear their own voice?

My friend Suzie has a friend that calls her every Saturday morning to talk incessantly about herself and her week, only to then hang up without asking Suzie one thing. In fact Suzie says nothing for the duration of the call, as her friend doesn’t come up for air. The funny thing about it is, her friend goes away thinking they have had a great chat! Sometimes, friends like that are good to have around – you can just kick back and relax and let them do the entertaining for the night, that’s if they are entertaining! I have friends that I could quite happily listen to all night and not really care to indulge any ditties or things about me, but if it was a regular occurrence like Suzie’s Saturday caller friend, it would become annoying and I would have to say so. GBF sometimes calls me and talks about himself for the whole call but he will always say at the end ‘oh darling, was I being all about me?!’ and then we are back on an even keel. It’s about being self aware – unlike the meeting girl who was clearly not!

My dad has always told me that people love to talk about themselves – you can win over any body if you can get them to start talking about themselves. For example, on a family holiday once (back in the 80’s when it was okay to say what you liked) he said to me “you see that man over there? – I bet I can get him to tell me his life story in ten minutes” and off he went to interview a poor innocent holiday maker. I was horrified, but ten minutes later dad came back with the man’s life story. It seems just nine words did the trick….”so, tell me your life story in ten minutes”? and he did!! So the point is….? Well, that people always like to talk about themselves, me included I guess, otherwise I wouldn’t be self indulging in a blog! There is a limit though, and when you feel like you are spiralling out of control, stop and think of ‘meeting girl’ and most importantly ‘Suzie’s Saturday morning caller friend’! :)

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  1. April 16, 2009 / 1:22 pm

    Absolutely Fabulous darlin' …. I bet you could put a few storys about your dad in here too. Keep them coming :) xx

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